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About Raiders Swim Team

Being a part of the Mosby Woods Raiders Swim Team, or any community swim team for that matter, is about so much more than swimming. It is a way of life and it will likely form memories and skills that your child will carry with him or her into adulthood.  

For two and a half action-packed months during the summer, your child will have the opportunity to be physically active, set and achieve goals, establish long term friendships, get involved in fun activities and develop as an athlete and an individual.

Raiders Philosophy

As Mosby Woods Raiders, we are a volunteer run organization of the NVSL dedicated to the development of swimming and a love for the sport. We strive to create a healthy, competitive spirit while maintaining our identity as a developmental team. We believe that the success of each athlete is necessary for the success of our team as a whole; we give equal attention and value to all team members regardless of swimming ability. We measure our success not solely by our season record, but also by our ability to foster the following elements of good sportsmanship in all of our athletes: personal growth, fairness, integrity, team spirit, dedication, and the ability to win and lose graciously. We believe that it is the responsibility of adults in roles of leadership, volunteerism and spectatorship to model these same values. We hope that the friendships, experiences and personal qualities acquired through participation in the Mosby Woods Swim Team will help to carry our swimmers toward broader successes and happiness in life far beyond the swimming pool.

Raiders Core Values

  • Love for the sport of swimming
  • Competitive Spirit
  • Team Spirit
  • Sportsmanship
  • Personal Skills Growth
  • Character Growth
  • Community Orientation
  • Integrity/Fairness
  • Collaborative Effort

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