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Competitive Meets

Competitive meets are competitive swim events held on Saturday morning. Each team in the division swims against the other teams in the division once. Five regular competitive meets are held each season.

Swimmers are seeded for the events based on their previous times for that season. As a general rule, swimmers with the fastest times will swim each event. However each swimmer is allowed to swim only two individual events and two relay events at each meet. For the order of meet events click here.

All Saturday meets start at 9:00 am unless otherwise announced. The meet warm-up times will be as follows: the home team warms up from 8:15-8:30 am, and the away team warms up from 8:30-8:45 am.

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Raiders 2019 Competitive Meet Schedule

(NVSL Division 7)

Saturday, June 15 

Time Trials @ Mosby Woods

Saturday, June 22 

Mosby Woods vs. Waynewood @ Mosby Woods 

Saturday, June 29 

Mosby Woods vs Country Club Hills @ Country Club Hills  

Saturday, July 6

Mosby Woods vs Sleepy Hollow @ Mosby Woods SENIOR DAY

Wednesday, July 10     

Divisional 7 Relay Carnival @ Mosby Woods 

Saturday, July 13 

Mosby Woods vs Dominion Hills @ Dominion Hills

Wednesday, July 17 

All Star Relay Carnival Location TBD    

Saturday, July 20     

Mosby Woods vs Arlington Forest @ Arlington Forest 

Saturday, July 27 

Divisional Championship (Divisionals) @ Waynewood

Saturday, August 3 

Individual All Stars Location TBD   

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* Senior Day

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